I’ve found a great way to learn a programming language that is fun, enjoyable, and very cool. It’s called Code Combat, I’ve been using it since May 7, 2015.

Even though it is geared mainly towards teenagers and younger people, One thing I’ve learned from it is that, you can infact have fun and learn at the very same time, it doesn’t matter how old you are, and you’re never too old to learn a certain way. Personally, it suits me so much better than a bland, boring lecture.

I use Code Combat for Javascript, however, it can be used for a few other programming languages including Python, which is actually the default language for the game, and CoffeeScript, which is a JS Syntax. You pick the language you want to learn, along with the character you choose to play, in the beginning you only get two characters, They are Sir Tharin Thunderfist, my personal preferred character, and then Captain Anya Weston.

Basically this game is using code, and nothing but code, to direct the character and his/her actions
the great part is that it prompts the code you’re about to enter for you, so therefore you don’t have
to type everything all at once, makes it easier, because further along the game it gets harder, and your character becomes more constrained for time, providing some much needed efficiency.

This is a game that truly encourages experimentation and learning, helping and correcting you automatically as you go along if there are any errors to be found, not to fret, because they will be pointed out in the moment, and you will get the chance to correct them.

This game centers around objectives, like collecting gems, taking down the ogres, building a fort to get away if they’re too big to fight, and going through a maze. using this.moveRight(); any directions will give Right, Left, Down, and Up, they may be used separately as a string, or they may be inside of a loop.

In the first 32 levels, this is what is learned, loops, strings, syntax and setting variables.

Variables are set to attack nameless ogres, therefore, you assign them a name so that you may specifiy to the syntax who to attack when you put

var Ogre = this.findNearestEnemy();


that var Ogre is giving it a name, findNearestEnemy is what will direct you to him as you get closer to the enemy you want to attack. You may form a loop somewhere in there as well, + the more items you buy with your jewels, the more items and therefore the more versatile your programming skills will become in the process.

Using JS to break down doors and kick some ogre ass!

Using JS to break down doors and kick some ogre ass!

Wrapping up, this is a fun, educational game, with the objective of kicking ogre ass, rescuing fellow warriors, picking up gemstones, and escaping from maze structures, using nothing but the programming you’ll certainly learn along the way. I highly recommend this to anyone who learns best from having fun while doing it.

Thank you,
-Rand D’Orazio


Adaptable human being capable of learning quickly and willing to do what is necessary to complete the given task.

Kennel Cleaner/Sign Holder, 03/2013 – 04/2013

Petland — 8800 W Charleston Blvd.

  • Cleaned dirty dog cages as needed
  • Fed the dogs specific 1/4, 1/2 and whole pound portions as needed
  • Cleaned and fed numerous animals including birds, reptiles, hermit crabs and rodents
  • Held a Petland advertising sign infront of Boca Park, also helping to direct customers to the location.
  • Disposed of deceased rodents as necessary.

Sign Flipper, 11/2012 – 12/2012
Fusion Signs & Design — 680 Columbia Ave, Riverside, CA

  • Flipped and spun a arrow-shaped sign for The Wellington(a Las Vegas-based real estate company) in order to give attention to the location.

Busser, 03/2012 – 06/2012
Onyx Restaurant at Bogey’s — 7770 W Ann Rd

  • Assisted team members with serving food and drinks to customers.
  • Helped to set up a banquet for 90 guests.
  • Washed dishes and removed plateware from tables.
  • Helped seat dining room chairs, tables and linens

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